Writing & Meditation Workshops
led by
Kimberley Snow

Three-part Series
Jan 7, Feb 4, & March 4, 2017


1524 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

The Writing Yourself Awake workshops will combine writing and meditation in order to deepen insight, remove blockages, and increase creativity. It will include writing to prompts on Dharma subjects as well as periods of meditation and discussion. Beginning and seasoned writers and meditators are welcome. Bring a notebook or laptop.


Info/Register: ksodiyanainstitute@gmail.com

Benefit for Odiyana Institute
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Integration of Self in These Changing Times: An Exploration of Writing, Meditation, and Movement

Weekend Retreat with
Kimberley Snow & Jinny Webber

August 4 - 6, 2017
La Casa De Maria, Montecito, CA

Living in a period of rapid change may make us feel that we are going over our own speed limit, leaving ourselves behind. Come find the still point within to settle the mind and allow the wisdom of your deeper spirit to spontaneously heal and integrate your overwrought system. Combining meditation with writing and simple Qigong movement will help your imagination unearth and blend deeper dimensions of both your story and yourself. Writing prompts will focus on memoir and personal experience.


Kimberley Snow, prize winning playwright, teacher, and author of many books including In Buddha’s Kitchen, It Changes, and Writing Yourself Home, leads workshops on a wide range of dharma and related subjects. Her latest book is Writing Yourself Awake: Meditation & Creativity.