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From back cover:

“By combining authentic Buddhist sources of wisdom with her own extensive experience as a writer and writing teacher, long-time practitioner, Kimberley Snow has created a unique book that will be of benefit to many. For all that she writes with authority and from a platform of broad knowledge and understanding, her tone remains that of a spiritual friend, grounded in compassion, always encouraging the readers to uncover their own innate wisdom.” ~Tulku Orgyen Phuntsok, Vairotsana Foundation.

From Amazon:

Writing Yourself Awake creates a simple approach for enhancing creativity, integrating the emotions, gaining insight, and increasing spontaneity by integrating writing and meditation. Drawing from both Eastern and Western sources of wisdom, author Kimberley Snow, Ph.D., uses short teachings, writing suggestions, meditation techniques, and active imagination to lead the reader toward deeper awareness.

What are we waking up from? Let’s call it the daze of the isolated, reactive, limited self. What are we waking into? A larger, more easeful world, where things are not fixed, but flow.

It’s natural that both writing and meditating work so well in tandem. Both are seeking what’s real, what’s authentic. Both allow us to gain insight and wisdom as we learn to witness our lives – both past and present—not merely to react to them. Both are grounded in the body through mindful breathing or through the moving hand, allowing us to go deeper, allowing the conscious and unconscious to unite and integrate. Through meditation we come to see reality as it is; through writing we learn to find ways to live comfortably with things as they are.

Topics include:

Writing From Deep Mind Meditations to focus attention, develop compassion, enhance clarity and expand awareness.

Enhancing Creativity

Developing Emotional Awareness Journaling, the Self and the Story Line

Using Active Imagination to Deal with the Messy Stuff

How Your Mind Works and What to Do About It Going Deeper